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Wink's is honored to be your web design firm of choice! We believe having a successful web presence should be easy on our clients, and even easier on their budgets. That's why we:

  • design clean,
  • design simple,
  • design using standards,
  • design for usability &
  • design for accessibility.

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Benefits of a Web Presence

Having a company web site:

  • Enables your potential customers to get a sense of your company's size and capabilities.
  • Provides potential customers with a sense of your company's approach and its ability to understand and serve customers needs.
  • Allows your company to showcase itself more uniquely than possible through other types of advertising.
  • Creates a place for your company to provide relevant information to build your reputation of helpfulness and expertise.
  • Enables the collection of information about potential customers by gathering basic contact information from interested site visitors.

Web Design

See what we've done for our customers so far by browsing web pages previously created by Wink's Help.

We have a wide variety of skills and tools that allow us to create stylish, highly maintainable, very extendable web pages:

  • We look toward the future by coding standard reliant XHTML using an HTML editor that facilitates our practice of separating content from presentation.
  • We use global templates for CSS styles, and content when applicable, for maintainability, adaptability, and changeability.
  • We are verse in graphic design best practices for the web and can create or manipulate graphics or animations using Corel's Paint Shop Pro or Macromedia's Firework and Flash.
  • We code extensively using Javascript and are very comfortable manipulating the DOM (Document Object Model) with dynamic HTML.
  • We have successfully implemented several Asynchronous JavaScript and XML(AJAX) projects and are currently adding PHP to our skill set.

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