Web Services

Through over 20 years of web development, Wink's has a developed a basic approach to follow while closely collaborating with our clients in creating successful sites.

Our payment gateway of choice is Paypal. Paypal, a common sense web payment gateway.
Paypal is economical, timely to use, secure, and very easy to learn and use. It's common sense, it's a good solution to chose.

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Wink's can help with... everything!

Website Maintenance Services

Wink's has corrected and updated websites created using Bootstrap, Flex, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and many more.
Chances are Wink's can help you too!


  • For most modifications Wink's charges $65 per hour, $45 per hour for clients we've implemented a solution with.
  • Wink's also has a monthly maintenance plan of $35 per month, which is perfect for changing monthly specials sections or modifying your pages for search engine optimization.
  • All work over $100 will be quoted before started.

Mobilization Services

Some time during the year 2014 use of mobile devices, such as smart phones and pads, out paced the use of desktop and laptops to view the internet. If your website was designed for a desktop computer only you have a problem!ot

Google loves websites that look great on any browser, and all devices.
Whether your clients:

Wink's will insure you have a responsive website.

Website "Add Ons"

Banner Ad & Specials Section

Get noticed with a stylish banner ad! Specials get you the call, and brings customers in.

  1. Outline of Ad: your idea, and our suggestions based on targeted audience
  2. Draft storyboard + interactive description
  3. Final storyboard design
  4. Animation & Programming
  5. Resize design based on needs(one size home page, one size Google Adwords), including resizes animation & adaptations
  6. Texts localization (different location and phone, different languages...)
  7. Proofreading
  8. Publishing

Web Content Writing

We want consumers to say,
'That's a hell of a product'
instead of,
'That's a hell of an ad.'

-Leo Burnett.

Website Content

Content on the web is different than content anywhere else. On average you're given five seconds to inform, entertain, or give a compelling enough call to action for a user to gain interest. Five Seconds

When you've held their attention past the first seconds, the real work begins; you have to constantly hold their attention by giving them what they want, expect, or desire. Don't fret, after reading this page we'll be able to put together your beautifully organized and stylish web site.

Creating content is the least sexy part of web design or modification. For a standard web site, Wink's has you provide most of your own copy, after all you are the one in the know.

Social Media Content

Writing for social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, should ideally be done using short posts on a more frequent basis. Wink's helps you with this by:

Other Services

"a website without SEO is like a car with no gas"

-Paul Cookson

Wink's also provides Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Website Analytics Setup & Training and more.

If it has anything to do with the web, it's a good bet Wink's can handle it! If you don't see a service here that fits your needs, no worries, call Wink's at (260)515-5437 if we can't help you we can direct you somewhere